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Hi everyone 👋👋

My name is Phuong Anh, or you can also call me by my Facebook name Anh Tran.

When I was a child, I didn’t have many chances to travel, because of the low travel needs of my family and also because our financial situation was not so good at that time. Therefore I really admired people who could go anywhere, even domestic and abroad.

My major was the German Language. At the beginning of the third year, we had to focus on learning specialized vocabularies of one of the three sub-disciplines, namely teaching method, economic, and tourism. Of course, travel was my choice. Our learning content covered Vietnam’s history, culture, and religions from ancient times to the present. I’m never the type of person who is good at learning by heart, instead, I can remember things better by practicing and experiencing. The dream of going to any place far as a child had gradually turned into a desire to broaden knowledge through traveling and chatting with local people as well as new friends meeting on the road trip.

From the 4th year of university, I could make a little money. With some friends who had the same interests, I started small trips (1- or 2-day) by scooter to Long Hai/Vung Tau, Mui Ne/Phan Thiet. Then longer journeys (still by scooter) across Mekong provinces to the southernmost point of Vietnam – Ca Mau Cape or to Son Island/Kien Giang. After graduation, I was fortunate to work in a good company. Thanks to business trips and flexible time (I can work online while on private trips), the number of destinations in 4 years can not be counted (just overstatement hehe).

Just half a year ago I was still not a person of social media. I’ve traveled and taken thousands of photos but rarely posted them. Many people around always asked why I didn’t turn to be a Travel Blogger, making vlogs or write reviews? Truly speaking, I was too busy (and lazy) at that time… It was dark to go home after all day long working and studying. Then I had to select/edit photos and make a brainstorm to write articles? Really overwhelmed. But what will come, will come. After some hesitation, I finally decided to open a website/blog, where I can share all about my trips, as well as anything related to travel (that I know).

In addition, this is also considered my “public diary”, where I tell any stories, as well as my thoughts and feelings. Then at some point, when I look back, I can realize how much I have changed. – My website/blog’s domain name is extremely simple (shorten form of my name), but concise (my trips/my stories/my thoughts). Planned to be written in bilingual languages: Vietnamese and English (if I am diligent, then also German, but probably won’t be able haha).


From Anh Trần with Love ❤️

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